All the apartments and facilities area in Green Park are designed by architect keeping in mind special needs for seniors.
  The apartments are designed considering the physical changes, which happen with ageing. Some of the important changes
  made are anti-skid tiles throughout the apartment and common facility areas, larger doorways, wheelchair and stretcher
  accessible doorways and pathways, etc.

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Amenties @ Green Park

1. Fully Furnished Private Apartments with living room, bed room, and attached toilet/bath.  Apartments are open on three sides with excellent ventilation and light.
2. Green ambient surrounding with 2.5 Acer garden and lawn.
3. Centralized Kitchen and dinning area.
4. Centrailzed Emergency Alarm System.
5. LED TV with cable connection.
6. Solar Water Heating System.
7. Housekeeping Services.
8. Furniture and accessories in accordance with senior living.

Health Facilities

1. Resident doctor and clinic.
2. Fully equipped emergency room.
3. Video conferencing with own doctors/specialists.
4. In-house pharmacy.
5. In-house laboratory.
6. In-house radiology.
7. Nursing.
8. Physiotherapy.
9. Occupational therapy.
10. Dietitian.
11. Acupuncture.
12. Acupressure.
13. Naturopathy consultant.
14. Wheelchair and other instruments for assisted living.
15. Ambulance.


1. Chess
2. Carrom Board
3. Cards
4. Table Tennis
5. Yoga
6. Gymnasium
7. Swimming Pool
8. Library
9. Amphitheater
10. Pool Table (Billiards)

Paid Services

1. Internet
2. Laundry
3. Taxi Services
4. Saloon (Men and Woman)

Advisory services

1. Wealth advisors
2. Insurance advisors
3. Doorstep banking facility
4. Legal advisors
5. Tax and accounting advisors